Proposed pedestrian / cycle route Graven Hill to Tesco Extra / Bicester Avenue

OCC have stated:- “we have appointed consultants to review options and they are currently looking in detail at the potential to use an existing railway underbridge to get the route across the railway as a new pedestrian/cycle overbridge will be much more difficult to deliver. Once we have their detailed report we will undertake some consultationContinue reading “Proposed pedestrian / cycle route Graven Hill to Tesco Extra / Bicester Avenue”

Graven Hill Community House

The Graven Hill Community House is now open for a maximum of 5 people in a room! If you are working at home and need some quiet time to work, the House has some room for you to work there. This is FREE for Graven Hill residents! With COVID-19 in mind, there are three usableContinue reading “Graven Hill Community House”