GHVDC Statement regarding commercial units

GHVDC Statement 6 Nov 2020:-

“We have no secured tenants for any of the commercial spaces at present but we continue to market the spaces.  We have a number of interested parties in a coffee facility within Block E,  continue to have strong interest in the local store which will be delivered in conjunction with Block A apartments and managing enquiries relating to the nursery.

Like many developments, COVID-19 has had an impact including reduced number of commercial enquiries/viabilities of certain types of businesses to start up and our occupation rates are less than planned.  This has resulted in a drop off in enquiries for the remaining retail and pub sites, so like any business we will continue to review our options regarding use and timescales for the development.

GHVDC will continue to provide updates as and when we have information to share via the residents newsletter and liaison meeting with the Graven Hill Residents’ Group.”

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