Graven Hill primary school opening delayed until 2023

At the recent GHVDC liaison meeting the GHRA was informed that opening of the primary school has been delayed to 2023.

GHRA wrote to GHVDC (07/06/21) as follows:-

” You [GHVDC] will recall that at the recent liaison meeting you stated that OCC now say the school opening date is 2023.

Have OCC actually announced this anywhere, or is this change of date being quietly slipped out?

I am sure you appreciate, residents are concerned and not impressed. “

The response from GHVDC (08/06/21) as follows:-

” Whilst no formal PR has been issued,  GHVDC and OCC have updated a number of stakeholders on the deferred opening date, so the information is, we believe, out in the open.

I will ask the School Project Manager to discuss your concerns with OCC. “

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